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Coins have been used to commemorate significant events, people, organizations and anniversaries for centuries. In ancient times, coins were minted to celebrate victories of wars and to honor gods and rulers. In modern times, in the United States, numerous coins have been issued that commemorate a variety of exceptional American people, events and places. Contact us for more information, or if you are interested in buying or selling any of these coins.
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As professional dealers in commemorative coins, we maintain and trade an interesting selection of these precious metal, uncirculated, commemorative coins.

U.S. Mint gold and silver commemorative coins and bullion. We offer a fine selection these commemorative coins here at the shop in La Jolla.

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Early Silver Commemoratives
Early U.S. commemorative coins traditionally begins with the 1892 Colombian Half dollar through the 1954 Booker T. Washington. Celebrate in American ideals, history and culture when making your silver purchases!Remember La Jolla Coin Shop for silver needs.
Early Gold Commemoratives
Buy classic commemorative gold coins at La Jolla Coin in both proof and uncirculated formats. Lousiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, Panama-Pacific, McKinley Memorial, Grant Memorial, 1926 Sesquicentennial Commemorative and other early & classic gold commemoratives.
ModernĀ Silver Commemoratives
US Mint proof, uncirculated and commemorative coins are favorites of collectors of gold and silver bullion coins. Issued by the U.S. Mint, these special coins and sets celebrate U.S. history and culture. We invite you to visit La Jolla Coin for all you numismatic needs.
ModernĀ Gold Commemoratives
Modern $5 & $10 commemorative gold coins are available at La Jolla Coin in both proof & uncirculated formats. We offer knowledgeable, friendly service, competitive gold prices and the confidence in handling your gold purchases with La Jolla's oldest coin shop.
Commemorative Sets
Since 1983 the U.S. Mint has been annually issuing sets of both proof and uncirculated commemorative coins. These sets honor a wide array of people, events and places. Some sets combine silver coins with a gold coin. The commemorative sets of coins often make for great gifts!! We invite you to visit our showroom to view our current inventory!.
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Many modern nations have been issuing precious metal commemorative coins, typically minted in either gold or silver as bullion and they have been highly sought after by collectors thoughout the world. In recent years, the United States has lead the way in this popular trend of the minting commemorative coins and the U.S. mint has surpassed all of the other nations in quantity and variety of commemorative bullion it has minted.

The position occupied by commemorative gold and silver bullion in the U.S. is largely due to the fact, with some few exceptions, that all commemorative coins are based on events with real historic significance. The social and historic acheivements of country are presented in a broad array of commemorative issues. These tributes, artistically presented in gold and silver appeal strongly to the collector who prefers the historical side of numismatics. It is the historical features of these commemoratives that create among many people who would otherwise have little interest in coins and coin collecting.

Commemorative coin issues are presented to two Congressional Committees for consideration: the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; and the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the House; as well as the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. Congress is guided by and large through the reports generated through these committees when passing bills that authorize commemerative coins to be minted.

These commemorative coins were typically issued to commemorate special events or to help finance monuments or celebrations that remembered historical persons, places, events or things. Pre-1982 commemorative coins were offered in most cases by a commission in charge of the event to be commemorated and were issued at a premium over the face value.

Commemorative coins are popularly collected either by major types or in sets with mintmark varieties. During many years, no special commemorative coins were issued. Some regular coins, such as the Lincoln cent of 1909, quarters of 1999 through 2021 and Bicentennial issues of 1976 while being circulated coinage are also commemorative in their nature.

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