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Ancient Coins
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Ancient Coins are a piece of history. In an ages past coins were more than a way to store wealth. They were a part of that culture. We buy and sell Ancient Coins. Have your collection appraised by experts.
Precious Metals
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The La Jolla Coin Shop provides information and opinions about Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion. Buy Gold and Silver bullion bars and gold coins in La Jolla, from a leading San Diego precious metals dealer.
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Authorized commemorative coins honor America. Precious metal, commemorative coins are ideal for collectors. La Jolla Coin Shop buys and sells commemorative coins and would be happy to talk to you about your needs.
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Old paper money, rare currency, and financial collectibles. La Jolla Coin Shop is always interested in these historical documents that are much more than paper. If you share this passion stop by and lets talk.
U.S. Coins
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La Jolla Coin Shop buys and sells collectible U.S. coins of all types. We offer decades of experince in Numismatics and can professionally evaluate collections of any size. If you love old coins the way we do stop by the Coin Shop.
World Coins
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La Jolla Coin Shop specializes in locating rare coins from around the world. If your interest in Numismatic runs across the globe we are your the Coin Shop with the knowledge and experience to help you find what your looking for.
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La Jolla Coin Shop is Buying Coins, Currency & Bullion!
La Jolla Coin Shop is also an enthusiastic BUYER of rare coins, currency and precious metals! Platinum! Gold! Silver! No collection is too big or too small. We warmly invite you to bring in your items for our professional evaluation and offer.
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Coins of the ancient Roman Empire are diverse and are typically an accounting of the various roman emperors and their conquests, where as a coin of ancient Greece might cover a broader spectrum of their life and culture. While La Jolla Coin Shop specializes in ancient Greek & Roman coins, on occasion, you may find a rare coin from other cultures and periods.

Bookmark our site and return often as we are constantly updating and expanding our coin offerings. In addition to Roman & Greek coins, we also occasionally offer coins from the Byzantine Empire, ancient Chinese coins, ancient Israel or Egypt coins and other types of ancient currency.

There is a far greater reward in collecting ancient Greek coins or ancient Roman coins than any potential monetary value as collectibles. Coins are an integral part of that way of living and their culture. It a tangible piece of history and a witness to the past. All of these ancient gold, silver & copper coins were produced in a limited quantity, never to be made again. Many of these coins are scarce or very rare and are sought after by museums and private collectors alike. The fact that fewer coins were minted in ancient times, as most coins were produced by hand, coupled with the enormous history associated with old, ancient coins, makes them much more rare and valuable than contemporary coins.

It was common place that Greek and Roman citizens would bury their coins for safekeeping, they did not have the safety net of our modern banking system for keeping their valuables safe. Soldiers and citizens would often buried their coins before battle, and as people were driven from their lands or worse, the coins would remain buried for hundreds or even thousands of years.

La Jolla Coin Shop does not sell "bulk" or "unattributed" lots of coins. We do offer a fine selection of authentic rare ancient coins for all types of collectors, from the novice to the veteran collector. We also BUY ancient coins. Start sharing our enjoyment of ancient coins by contacting us concerning our Current Offerings for a full listing of all of our available ancient coins, or better yet, stop by our shop in La Jolla for a look in person!!

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